Bundled in Snow, by Allan Harbour, West Virginia artist, Marshall University Graduate, and Viet Nam Vet

Allan Harbour is a native West Virginian currently living in Princeton. He is a graduate of Marshall University and a Viet Nam Vet. After serving his country for several tours, Allan developed PTSD. He took up oil painting to relieve stress and has never looked back. Currently there is a waiting list for Allan’s work, but he can be reached concerning future projects at: tunnelratal@outlook.com

Those who are prejudiced against West Virginia and/or West Virginians, those who are offended or have no understanding of marginalized cultures, or those who broadcast disparaging remarks via Twitter or make unflattering generalizations about a subculture when they themselves have been marginalized due to ethnicity and should know better but can’t keep their big mouths shut, need not apply. #take that, Bette Midler. Allan was serving his country while you were singing in a bath towel.

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