Flight, Chapter Eighty Nine

Chapter 89

If Faw Shandy was surprised at the radiance of the bottles, Bridon was even more surprised to be in one.

His spirit had left his body shortly after Suga had slide the blade into his stomach and upwards, and the last thing he’d felt was his head hitting the table. Newly dead, he’d even heard the thump. Disappointment overwhelmed his dying, even though he knew he was going into the Deep and not the Void. He’d played too long at a foolish game of rulla with a dangerous man and this was the result of it. On the other hand, he’d kept the Blue Stone safe, and that had been his purpose in life. It was safely hidden in the room above and he’d warded it so that no one, absolutely no one, could sense it if they carried the least drop of the dark.

There was a crack in the corner of the ceiling.

As for the others, he knew with a certainty more powerful than the current pulling him that the Shautu would have it retrieved by morning. He called out for forgiveness to each of the Brethren, received it and, at peace, began twisting his spirit into a funnel shape. There was a crack in the corner of the ceiling from which he could make his escape. He looked back at the body slumped on the table (his own), noting that he should have taken more care with his beard, and at the fat man who seemed to be fumbling with something on the bench beside him. Suddenly, Dr. Sugallus rose, his big belly pushing out the table and Bridon could see it was a net. Perhaps he’d decided to fish in the rain. He’d heard of it.

Face against the chink in the corner, Bridon could see the night sky.

Then, the unbelievable happened.

His spirit began to pull back, not into the corpse slouched at the table, but into a net. A net thrown by Sugaless. Bridon’s feet were now tangled in it, and with his feet, the fat man was carefully reeling him in like a fish. His torso and arms were covered now, and his spirit man thrashed.

“Now, now,” Strange that a treacherous voice could be so soothing but it was. As Suga talked, Bridon began to cease his struggles. Or perhaps it was the effect of the net. Soft as a spider’s web, it was nonetheless strong as steel. His head was covered now. He felt as though he were under a blanket, and his spirit very much wanted to dissolve into sleep.

As if reading his thoughts, Suga laughed, “Now, now, can’t have that,” and suddenly he was loosed from the net, plopping onto a surface of hard glass. The walls were blue. Bridon set up a wail that could be heard no one but himself and threatened to break his eardrums.

He had been trapped in a Bottle of Breath.

Suddenly, Bridon wished for the void.

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