The Who’s, Which’s, and Where’s of Flight, Book One of the Outer Flower

I’m blogging my fantasy novel, Flight, and if you’ve been following, you’ll have noticed that there are a great many scene changes and introductions of new characters. There are also hints of other people and places, terminologies peculiar to the text.

To eliminate confusion, I’ve made a chart that will hopefully clarify any confusion.

Characters, Places and Terms


El Elyon: Principal life force and creator of the Tree of Life. El Elyon gifted the Tree of Life with memory and will. Now that its flower has been plucked, the tree determines that the nectar containing the life force be hidden. Only Memory can find it or a Skyll with limitless capacity who is willing to enter the treacherous Deep, earning three stripes (scars) upon his arm. None has had such power since Saar, the traitor.

The Tu’el: a dark, lesser god who seeks to gain control of the tree. Though the Tu’el is less powerful, his powers are not to be scorned. He has many followers and ranks of denizens beneath him who normally refer to him as “The Dark One.” When seen by the naked eye, however, he seems to glow with a thousand lights. He is capable of growth and his strength grows throughout this book.

Those Who Serve Them

The Shautu: serves the Elyon and is Leader of the Blue Robes and Keeper of the Blue Stones. The sikestra that he guards is the Eld Forest. He is closely aligned with the Pentacaucus tribe (Whitehair’s) and serves as their shaman during the Spring Calling of Spirits.

Rizla the Red Witch: Highest station in the service of the Tu’el. She has paid in blood for her position. Counterpart is a Red Lord.

Suga: an enormously fat eunuch adept at poisons. He is Rizla’s servant and more.

Brethern of the Blue Robe and Sikestrans:







Bridon: denied his rightful place in the Brethren by trickery. A healer of great powers and fond of drink.

Serventilli: a defector from the Blue Robe. His stone is dead. He is know akin to a demon spirit although not immortal.

The Original Heptarchy (The Divine Skylls)

Ganesan North Wind

Tulle: South Wind

Aaron: East Wind

Gunthar: West Wind

Brit: Fire

Tianne the Beloved: Waters and Seas

Saar: Earth. The Traitor.

Present Heptarchy of Skylls

Vue: North Wind

Hulse: South Wind

A’Sing: East Wind

Calibran: West Wind

Sarris: Fire

Elymas: Earth. He is also physician to the Warrior King and is approximately three hundred years old.

*Tiane’s position remains unfulfilled.

Oren Whitehair: also called Oren Hunter. He is the Protectra of the Pentacaucas tribe. A fearless fighter whom the Elyon brands. Also, the watcher on the Jutting Rock during the spring calling.

Trey: Gatekeeper of the Deep. He has the power to open the doors, but no control over whom the powers will accept or cast into the Void.

Original Band which accompanied William the Rash into the Eld Forest

Creath, blood cousin to the King

Lord Dinnisee

Lord Alexy Ondred

Lord Gerlatch

Anjest, a March Lord

Garrion the Falconer

Perri, youth in charge of pack ponies.


Lord Torpaine: a seasoned fighter.

Mirella: a young girl expelled from the Shivelite camp. Attendant to Queen Laveth.

Bresca: a lady of minor distinction. She shares a room with Mirella and resents it.

Nan Maura: Queen Laveth’s nurse when a child and also nurse to the young prince. She will later be nurse to the imposter. From the region of Glynnis Fen.

Quinn: untried acolyte, known only for his red hair and rough manners. His village is Sarles and Elymas has made his life so miserable, he leaves for home before his voyage in the Journey Room.

Milo: Chief of the Roderians, a despised tribe known as the Heelers.

Flan: Milo’s missing nephew

Blatico: Court wit favored by Elymas.

Augusta Mayhew (Gustie): becomes the prince’s mother after the babies are switched.

Sir Gilly Ham: a hedge knight, father of Gustie’s natural son.

Look for Places and Terms soon .

Thanks for reading,

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