Blogging my book: Places and Terms in Flight, a fantasy e-book


The Places

Casoria: the favored city of Elyon in which the Tree of Life, now without bloom, was planted. Was once a hub of culture and learning, but depleted by the Blood Wars. At the opening of this book, the city is rebuilding itself in a reckless fashion.

Castle Ursaulis: Built by the first William, Ursaulis is the castle of the High King.

The Sacred Garden: resides on the top of a high hill behind Castle Ursaulis. The current earth wizard, Elymas, tends it. The Tree of Life grows in the center but hasn’t bloomed since the fall of Saar.

The Eld Forest: a forest sacred to the Elyon. It is a sikestra, and is marked by a white rock along the edge of the treelike. The Eld Forest is also a favorite haunt of the three-spotted falcon.

High North Mountains: a mountain range located northwest of Casoria. It is populated chiefly by the Pentacaucas tribe (Whitehairs). The High North Mountain is the greatest. Ron Jonna is the least. The Eld Forest lies in its shadow.

The High North Mountains


The Outer Flower: a six petaled flower believed to hold the elixir of life. All belief aside, it is a fact that the tree has been endowed both will and memory. Using both, it has propelled the Blossom into the Deep, where it can be found only by a Skyll who can pass the testings of Three Stripes.

Skyll: Not entirely magical, not entirely wise, the seven Skylls are those who control the elements such as wind, fire, earth and water, ensuring harmony upon the planet. They lost the ability to fly (courtesy of Saar) and walk detached from everyday folk. The earth wizard limps.

The Axis: the long awaited earth wizard who will have the power to restore the tree. His arrival is signaled by the Sea Star.

The Sea Star: The star that will fall into the sea and awaken Tianne, the Beloved. The Sea Star signals the arrival of the Axis. The Sea Star is a powerful portent of change.

The Winnowing: an occasion every three years in which youths from all over the land come to Casoria in hopes of earning stripe(s) in the Journey Room, thus displacing the current Skylls. This happens frequently, though none has ever displaced Elymas.

The Journey Room: a bare room, save for a chair and a cot, where the acolytes free their spirits to travel in the Deep. The earth wizard is always their anchor.

Sikestran: forests sacred to the Elyon. There are twelve such spots, chosen them after the garden was violated.

Sikestran: Guardians of the Sikestran. Each Sikestran is automatically a Brother of the Blue Robe.

Ron Tikkum: a ceremony of cleansing and healing.

The Void: a impenetrable blackness from which no one can escape. To enter the Void is to undergo an ‘unmaking’. Better not to have been born.

The Deep: a chasm created by the fall of Saar. It is a shadowland of tricks and truth and only those worthy of testing are allowed to enter. Knowledge is hidden here, powers lost may be regained. Conversely, one might become the victim of a curse. The Deep is divided into three levels. The attainted level indicates how much knowledge the spirit has gained. The Deep can’t be entered in by flesh, only by spirit. All Acolytes desire to master the Third Level.

Stripes I, II, III: A slash earned during the acolytes sojourn in the Deep. Appearing on the upper right arm, the wound(s) heal in a ridged stripe of skin impossible to duplicate. The number of stripes corresponds to the level the acolyte has mastered. At the beginning of this book, Saar is the only known Third Stripe.

Sacred Servants: Clothed in red robes, this order was created by Elymas during the reign of William the Rash. They are ruthless butchers and have successfully murdered any male child born with a thickened left sole since their creation. Members are completely dedicated to Elymas.

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