Outer Flower, 59

Elymas Takes a New Role

Rizla, another view

She was beside him again. He looked at the jewel, the breasts, then back at the jewel.

“What is it?” he found himself asking.

They were equal in height, while he sat on the throne. She looked directly into his eyes.

“I will tell you this, Elymas, only this. Your entire soul would not even be a speck within its walls. It is that large and that strong.” She dangled the crystal inches from his nose. “And mine by right. Those who have been chosen may select their powers. Would you like to try it on?” He shook his head no. She reached out and touched his medallion, which had, until this moment, shown like tiny sun. It dimmed.

“A shiny bauble. Nothing more.” Rizla stepped back, the crystal settling between her breasts.

“My necklace must be around the boy’s neck the second his spirit re-enters his body. He must open his eyes to our reality, though all of his power must remain his. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Elymas nodded.

“You are now my servant, my lowly servant. I will be in different guises, but you will always recognize me and obey my commands. By the by, where is the Hunter?”

“In the dungeons.”

Oren in dungeon



“Good. Keep him that way. We have need of the power of the blue stone he wears. I will attend to him tomorrow, but right now I’d like to see for myself that little room you spend so much time in.”

“How did you–” Elymas began, but Rizla cut him off with a wave of her hand.

He was stepping down from the throne, but whether it was at his own volition or Rizla’s, he did not know. Quickly, quietly, he followed that sultry woman, come from the shadows, to his most private chambers in the castle’s depths. He’d never been silenced by a woman before, and he’d certainly never been led.

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